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The Great Indian Hacks That Movers Use to Manage the Summer Heat

India has a tropical climate, which means that most of the months in the year, it’s hot and humid. Whether it is hot or cold, packers and movers in Baddi have to be on their toes all year round. Staying up in the extreme heat on the highway, driving endlessly can put you in a sickbed. Yet these movers are all up and doing their business.

It’s because these truckers follow some of the best Indian hacks to stay cool. Let’s have a look at three such hacks in their daily life, that keeps them cool under the scorching heat.

1.The first and foremost thing is to remain hydrated at all times.

Movers like JD Movers and Packers keep water-carrying containers on their trucks. This is to ensure that while on a journey, there is ample water to drink while driving.

Just plain water is not sufficient

Normal water just replenishes the water lost out of our bodies. But what about the loss of salt and sugar through sweat?

For that, you need electrolytes. There are sharbats like nimbu paani. And if nothing is available, there is our great Indian tea. Yes, contrary to many myths, a hot cup of tea helps lower body temperature. Other than that, the sugar in the tea helps add sugar to your bloodstream.

Those side dishes of curd and salad are there for a reason

In India, curd is a necessary part of everyday meals. Curd is probiotic which keeps our gut healthy. Apart from that, consuming radish, cucumber and onion in the form of salads also help in keeping our body temperature regulated.

2. Maintaining a disciplined life

When you have to be on the road driving for many hours, your mind and body need to be aligned. That means that both have to be present in the work that you are doing.

Have you ever thought, why does our mind crave changes?

It’s because, we are always on the lookout for feel-good experiences. In sharp contrast, the movers have no option but to go out of their mundane routine.

But that’s where leading a disciplined life helps them do the same job endlessly.

For instance, they maintain the habit of taking a bath after waking up in the morning. This helps car carrier truckers set the tone for the rest of the day.

3. Wearing a headscarf or turban

In India, men used to wear a turban. This culture is no more prevalent in today’s time, except for people in the Sikh sect.

However, this tradition is very much in use by the truckers of moving companies. They use these head scarves to protect their head from the heat emulated by a truck’s engine and that of the sun.

Another way is to keep a wet cloth or towel on the neck nape

Our neck has a bund of vital arteries and veins going to the brain. Our head generates a lot of heat. Given the scorching heat, it can warm up to a great extent, making us unconscious. That’s why to keep the temperature normal, placing a wet cloth helps.

Final Note

Strange that these drivers are not well-educated, yet they know a great deal about keeping themselves cool during summer. Packers and movers in Ludhiana have to move around all over the country. And the temperatures at different places are not always as pleasant as that of the city. That’s why, taking steps to regulate the body against the heat is what keeps them going distances.


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